Our History

Mineral Springs Baptist Church was constituted in the year 1845.  It was a member of the Pee Dee Association from 1845-1856.  It was received into the Rocky River Association in 1872.  In 1876 it was received into the Stanly Association.

The first building to be used by Mineral Springs Baptist Church was a one room log structure which was located one mile east of the present location.  The second building, which was a large wooden building located at the present sight, was destroyed by strong winds.  It was used from 1917-1927.  The third structure was built in 1928.  It was a seven room brick building with wings which were used as Sunday school classes.  The church building was dedicated in 1930.  In 1976 Mineral Springs remodeled and added to the old sanctuary a choir loft, baptistry, and a large educational building which included a new fellowship hall.  The new structure was dedicated in 1977.  

The Church has reported a Sunday School since 1903.

On March 3rd,1991  Mineral Springs dedicated new stained glass windows in the church.  The windows were given by members in honor or memory and to the glory of God.

Construction on the new fellowship hall began in February 1988.  Dedication for the hall was on August 28,1988.  A special note burning ceremony was held on March 3rd, 1991.  

A parsonage was built in 1964.  The home is located across the road from the church.  The first family to live in the parsonage was Reverend Truette Rogers, his wife and their two sons.  They moved in on November 10, 1964.

                            PASTORS OF THE CHURCH

E. David                      1853

G.L.  Eudy                  1902-1910

C.B.  Reid                   1911

G.L.  Eudy                  1912

T.M.  Sasser               1913-1919

W.J.  Russell              1920-1922

F.W. Frye                    1923-1925

A.A.  Hathcock          1928

J.F.  Gaddy                 1929-1930

E.W.  Melton             1931

Coy Muckle                1932

C.C.  Huneycutt         1933-1937

Wilbur Huneycutt    1937

C.L.  Pickler               1938-1941

John Blalock              1942-1946

George Huggins        1947-1948

M.F.  McLain             1949-1951

J.E.  Kirk                    1952-1953

Craig Coble                                     1957-1959

Truette Rogers                               1960-1966

Holman Byers                                1967-1969

Edward Samples                           1970-1971

Kinney Wallace                             1972-1978

Eddie Joe McCurry                      1979-1982

Richard Clark                                1983-1985

Michael Taylor                              1986-1992

Donald  Newton                            1992-1993

Claude  Connell (Interim)          1992-1994

Ollis Revels                                    1994-1996

Yates Brooks (Interim)               1996-1997

Ken Martin                                    1997-2006

Rob Gouge (Associate)                2006 1/02-5/02

Keith Walters (Interim)              2006-2007

Keith Walters                                2007-2011

Robert Denny                                2012-2014

Brian  Medlin                                2015- 2018

J.B  Helms                  1954-1956                  Kinney Wallace (Interim)            4/14/19 -10/20/19

                                                                           Kinney Walace                               2019-

 The Baptist Church at Mineral Springs (1917)

 Mineral Springs Baptist Church (1973)


August 27th,1995 was a special day in the history of Mineral Springs Baptist Church.  We celebrated our 150th anniversary.  Most of our church family were dressed for the time period of 1845.  Some old customs, such as passing a hat for the offering and having lemonade made in a tin tub were re-lived by those in attendance.  

A horse and buggy was present and many people had their picture made in the buggy.

Commemorative plates were ordered with a picture of the church and dates on them. Bookmarks were also available.

Many church members brought old family photos to share with the church family.

Pastor Ollis Revels brought the message,  Titled "What Mean These Stones?"

It was a time of  thanksgiving for what God had done in the life of our church and for what He will do in the future.