Sunday School


Children are broken into age groups where they are taught about the love of Jesus through bible study, discussion, music, games and mission outreach activities. 

Through activities and involvement, children learn to ask questions and grow to understand God's love by reaching out to others.

Little Stars (0-2 years)-- Kayra Tucker, Rocio Little
Active Angels (3-K)-- Anne Huie, Karmen Carelock, Katelyn Hinson
Ark Animals (1st, 2nd, & 3rd)-- Beverly Hyatt, 
Son Shiners (4th, 5th, & 6th)-- Marilyn  Tysinger

A.C.T.S -- Adoring Christ The Savior
7-12th Grades
Amanda Griffey, Bonnie Aldridge

Mission Statement:  The Youth Group of Mineral Springs Baptist Church, ACTS , is committing ourselves to God and allowing Him to use us to serve others by coming together as often as we can to learn how to work and reach out to others within our community.

Inspiring Life

Danny Lingerfelt

This group of  professionals love to meet together for fellowship and to discover the truth of the Word of God together.

This class will be a place for you to build friendships and to receive encouragement as you experience some of the same life challenges.

Foundation Class

Anthony Hinson

A class dedicated to the young adults of the church. Age is mostly 18-30's. This group enjoys exploring God's word together.  A place to share and connect with one another as they discover the ways they can reach out to others around the community.

Higher Ground 

Reggie Hinson, Sharon Tucker

This group of men and women welcomes all ages.  Married or unmarried, with or without children.  From early 20's and up, everyone feels at home here. Their focus is not centered around ones age, but what they can learn from one another as they study and pray together.  At times the curriculum is made up by both the teacher and the class and is based on what they desire to study from Gods word. They enjoy learning about the scriptures and God's plan for their lives.  

This is a special place for you to enjoy fellowship, receive encouragement and to be involved in mission outreach activities within the church and community.


Jim Tysinger, Shirley Morris-Bell, Melanie Edwards

This senior adult class offers a place for you to come to discover the truths of the Word of God that you have come to love and learn over the past decades.

If  you are looking for a true group of friends to fellowship with and to grow deeper in your walk with Christ, there is a chair waiting for you.  


Beverly Baucom, Phyllis Griffin, Barbara Owen

This class offers a comfortable setting for the older women of the church to meet together as friends.

They cherish the scriptures and traditional teaching style that provides opportunities for discussion and  lifting up others through prayer.

The strength of this class is in praying for the church and supporting mission involvement activities.

Men of God

 Clarence Owen

This group of mature older men enjoys sharing together as they dig deeper into God's Word on a weekly basis.

They enjoy sharing their views and asking questions throughout  each lesson.

This group provides vision, support and prayers for all of the activities of the church.