Baptist on Mission

Baptist Men's Ministry
The Baptist Men's group of Mineral Springs is made up of many individuals whose area of concern include Spiritual growth, Evangelistic Outreach and Ministry, and Missions involvement.

As an organization they participate in many projects. They are always ready to lend a helping hand both inside and outside of the community. They are a strong advocate in supporting other organizations in their church. The Baptist Men have helped to make many outreach projects possible. 

Women's Missionary Union (WMU)
Goal: To pray for, support, and participate in missions and ministry activities on the local, state, national, and international level.


An Invitation 
All women (age 18 and up) are invited to join WMU and begin actively serving our Lord through missions and ministry. Any local Baptist Church should have a women's mission group of some kind. Please pray and consider joining us. At Mineral Springs, the WMU meets at 6:00pm the first Sunday evening of each month at the Church. 

Food Bank Donations 
Each month the WMU sponsors the collection of food and other household items to donate to the West Stanly Christian Ministries in Stanfield, NC. Any donation is appreciated at any time, but a particular item is emphasized each month. Below is a list of those items.

Jan.--  Instant potatoes, etc.                                         July-- Paper products        
Feb.--  Sugar, sweet items.                                             Aug.--  Cleaning supplies

Mar.--  Canned meats.                                                      Sept.-- Pasta, noodle products

Apr.--  Macaroni and cheese                                          Oct.--  Mustard, mayo, ketchup

May --  Instant drink mixes.                                           Nov.--  Holiday food items

June--  Peanut butter, crackers.                                   Dec.--  Soup, cereal

Upcoming Events 

WMU is collecting good condition Christian literature to be given to the NC State Prison.